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The Animal Disease Ontology describes the characteristics and interrelations of production animals, diseases and their vectors. Regulatory statuses of diseases that are applicable in France and...
The EOL ontology describes environmental conditions of livestock breeding. It includes feeding modalities, the structure of breeding systems and their environment
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OBO Technical WG
The Cell Ontology is designed as a structured controlled vocabulary for cell types. This ontology was constructed for use by the model organism and other bioinformatics databases, where there is a...
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National Centers for Biomedical Computing
The Encyclopedia of Life is an ecosystem of Web sites that makes all key information about all life on Earth freely accessible. The portal contains about 25 exemplar species pages and tens of...
FOODON is a new ontology built to interoperate with the OBO Library and to represent entities which bear a “food role”. It encompasses materials in natural ecosystems and food webs as well as human-...
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U.S. National Library of Medicine
MeSH is the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus. It consists of sets of terms naming descriptors in a hierarchical structure that permits searching at various levels of...
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Instituto de Estudios Documentales sobre Ciencia y Tecnología (IEDCYT)
El Tesauro ICYT de Biología Animal, desarrollado en el marco de dicho proyecto, nació de la necesidad concreta de normalizar, actualizar y estructurar los términos científicos utilizados para el...
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Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)
TriPhase is a large thesaurus in the domain of animal physiology and livestock designed by INRA.
An integrated cross-species anatomy ontology covering animals and bridging multiple species-specific ontologies
The Vertebrate Trait Ontology is a controlled vocabulary for the description of traits (measurable or observable characteristics) pertaining to the morphology, physiology, or development of...