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Data including the location, dimensions, boundaries and ownership of land parcels, which may also include details such as titles and specified land use.
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ACORD International uses a set of 180 tags to classify their content on their website. There is no particular hierarchy between the terms, and they include geographical areas, resources types,...
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Actuar has 9 categories according to which they categorize their resources. These categories are resource types as well as topical categories. The categories are not available for download or used...
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AgEcon is a repository for agriculture-related resources, using 81 "top-tier" subjects to enable the user to browse the website. To classify the content further, they have a "free tagging system" for...
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AGTER has a list of 10 keywords that they use for their users to browse the website for relevant resources more easily. There is no hierarchy between the terms. The list is not available for download...
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Amigos de la Tierra
Amigos de la Tierra has a short list of categories which they use to facilitate browsing for their users. There is no hierarchy between the categories, nor are they used anywhere else or available...
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Asian Farmers Association
The Asian Farmers Association, like many local organizations, does not classify its content topically at all, but merely categorizes its resources by resource type and nothing else.
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Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights
LICADHO, the Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights, has a set list of topics under which they categorize their content. Besides that, they have a set list of tags to classify...
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University of Melbourne
University of Melbourne. Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures & Land Administration (CSDILA)
The "Cadastral Template 2.0" has been developed by a research group at the Centre for SDIs and Land administration, Department of Infrastructure Engineering of the University of Melbourne and it was...
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Focus on Land in Africa
Focus on Land in Africa has published a glossary of almost 100 key terms on land governance and land tenure. This glossary is used as a resource tool in itself, to show users how the authors of the...
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Global Land Tool Network
The GLII glossary of terms is not available publicly yet, but will be published as a glossary of core land-related terms that will be used as a mechanism to compare progress of countries with regards...
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International Land Coalition
The International Land Coalition uses the Commitments from their Strategy to classify the topical areas of the resources they publish on their website. There is no particular hierarchy between the...
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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
FAO guidelines for countries to compile ther agricultural census statistics. The use of these guidelines by member countries ensures that the census results are harmonized and internationally...
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The Land Portal Foundation
LandVoc is the standardized vocabulary for concepts relating to land governance, curated by the Land Portal Foundation.
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Open Development Mekong
Open Development Mekong has a development taxonomy, available in JSON format, with a top-tier hierarchy of 17 terms, with many terms under it. The full list can be found through the second list, on...
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Resource Equity
Resource Equity has developed their own standard list of topical keywords, specific to their focus area: Gender & land rights. The topical keywords are a simple list with no hierarchy, nor is it...
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Rights and Resources Institute
The Rights and Resources Institute classifies the resources through 4 very general 'issues' and 3 of their own initiatives for the user to browse. This is not a standard that can be applied by other...
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International Standards Organisation
ISO 19152:2012 defines a reference Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) covering basic information-related components of land administration (including those over water and land, and elements...
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Global Land Tool Network (GLTN)
There is a gap in the conventional land administration systems such that customary and informal tenure cannot be easily handled. There is a need for complimentary approaches in land administration...
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Habitat for Humanity LAC
Habitat for Humanity LAC has developed a platform, Suelo Urbano, on which they use top-tier categorization similar to the Global Land Tool Network. Below the top-tier terms, they have a set of tags...