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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
The Agricultural Learning Resources Application Profile (Ag-LR AP) defines the metadata elements recommended for the description of learning resources.

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Dublin Core Metadata Element Set
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
The IEEE 1484.12.1 – 2002 Standard for Learning Object Metadata (IEEE LOM) is a data model, usually encoded in XML, used to describe a learning object and similar digital resources used to support...
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ISO/IEC 19788 specifies metadata elements and their attributes for the description of learning resources. ISO/IEC 19788-2:2011 provides a base-level data element set for the description of learning...
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The Organic.Edunet Metadata AP is an adapted version of the IEEE LOM. It adapts certain vocabularies and recommendations from the Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) Metadata AP developed by the...
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CETIS Metadata and Digital Repository SIG
The UK LOM Core provides a metadata schema for describing learning resources. UK LOM Core is a UK version of the international IEEE LOM standard (see above). It specifies a "core" set of LOM elements...