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Seriialization format. Defined in IANA Media Types::
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Generation Challenge Programme
Integrated Breeding Platform
The Crop Ontology project is the creation of the Generation Challenge Programme (GCP), which understood from its inception the importance of controlled vocabularies and ontologies for the digital...
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DBpedia defines a number of properties to describe an entity of type "Food", "any eatable or drinkable substance that is normally consumed by humans".
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National Centers for Biomedical Computing
The Encyclopedia of Life is an ecosystem of Web sites that makes all key information about all life on Earth freely accessible. The portal contains about 25 exemplar species pages and tens of...
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The Land Portal Foundation
LandVoc is the standardized vocabulary for concepts relating to land governance, curated by the Land Portal Foundation.
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Library of Congress
The Library of Congress Authorities allows to search, view, browse and save approximately: 265,000 subject authority records; 5.3 million name authority records (ca. 3.8 million personal, 900,000...
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Open Development Mekong
Open Development Mekong has a development taxonomy, available in JSON format, with a top-tier hierarchy of 17 terms, with many terms under it. The full list can be found through the second list, on...
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U.S. Government
The metadata schema describe datasets, APIs, and published data as hosted at
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Water Quality Planning Bureau (WQPB)
The Water Quality Library Database is indexed using controlled vocabulary from the WQPB Library Thesaurus. This thesaurus was developed to create a standardized vocabulary for water concepts that may...
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World Health Organization (WHO)
he GHO "Metadata" view provides the metadata context within which the Observatory's data is organized. Each entry in this view contains details regarding the various dimensions that are used to index...