Data Plot Sheet

DAPLOS is an EDIFACT message present in the UN/CEFACT Directory D.05B. This is a syntax to represent data concerning input and techniques used on crops with the intention to facilitate information exchange with suppliers, traders and other partners in the agrifood supply chain. It is a messaging format for EDIFACT. It is focussed on crops grown on a specific “plot” i.e. field or geographical area. It enables the farmer to specify the type of crop grown on the plot, the variety, preceding crops, any pesticides or herbicides used, etc. and allows an ebXML message to be created.
The standard covers
- General points on the plot sheet (dates, species, variety, area, contracts, etc.)
- History of the plot (previous crops, enrichment, etc.)
- Analysis (details of soil analyses carried out on the plot.)
- Events (i.e. all events such as observations, advice, actions taken, etc.)




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