Climate Science Modelling Language (CSML)

Climate Science Modelling Language v3.0 is a data model for encoding climate, atmospheric and oceanographic data in terms of geometry-based observation classes such as Points, Profiles, Trajectories and Grids. It is a specialist profile of ISO 19156 Observations and Measurements and there is an accompanying implementation as a GML 3.2.1 Application Schema.

CSML 3.0 follows a model driven approach. The primary model is in UML, which is then encoded as XML Schema using the HollowWorld/FullMoon framework.

The CSML pattern is being used in the version 2.0 drafts of the INSPIRE Data Specifications for Atmospheric Conditions/Meteorological Features and Oceanographic Geographical Features.

Earlier versions of CSML were developed as part of the NERC DataGrid (NDG) projects funded by the Natural Environment Reseach Council.
CSML development is currently supported by the British Atmospheric Data Centre on a best efforts basis.




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