This portal provides a global map of existing vocabularies for the exchange of data in the field of food and agriculture.

The directory is the continuation of the FAO VEST Registry under the GODAN Action umbrella.
It's the result of the merging of records from two different sources: the
VEST Registry
(a registry of vocabularies of all types and all formats) and the AgroPortal (a repository of RDF ontologies).


Total 396
76 AgroPortal
326 VEST Registry

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Some alignments between vocabularies

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Examples of domain standards

ACORD International uses a set of 180 tags to classify their content on their website. There is no...
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
EFSA has developed a standardised food classification and description system called FoodEx2 (...
Data on plant varieties (botanical name (Latin name), common name, UPOV code and identification;...
Bioversity International
The core descriptors for in situ conservation of Crop Wild Relatives are designed to facilitate the...

Examples of peripheral / general standards

World Meteorological Organization
The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Commission for Basic Systems (CBS) Extraordinary...
The Library of Congress
Developed by the Library of Congress MARCXML is an XML schema based on MARC21.
European Commission
The Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) is a vocabulary to describe interoperability assets...
OpenLink Software
DBpedia is a crowd-sourced community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and...