This portal provides a global map of existing vocabularies for the exchange of data in the field of food and agriculture.

The directory is the continuation of the FAO VEST Registry under the GODAN Action umbrella.
It's the result of the merging of records from two different sources: the
VEST Registry
(a registry of vocabularies of all types and all formats) and the AgroPortal (a repository of RDF ontologies).


Total 369
68 AgroPortal
295 VEST Registry
6 VEST Registry and AgroPortal

By domain

By type

Some alignments between vocabularies

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Examples of domain standards

editor Peter J. DeVries is a Linked Open Data site providing Semantic Web identifiers for species concepts...
Instituto de Estudios Documentales sobre Ciencia y Tecnología (IEDCYT)
El Tesauro ICYT de Biología Animal, desarrollado en el marco de dicho proyecto, nació de la...
AGTER has a list of 10 keywords that they use for their users to browse the website for relevant...
includes picture and pronunciation of the term, mainaintained by Kathie T. Hodge

Examples of peripheral / general standards

International Labour Organization
The ILO Thesaurus is a compilation of more than 4000 terms relating to the world of work. Every...
The Dublin Core (DC) Metadata Element Set is a vocabulary of fifteen properties for use in resource...
The International Foundation for Information Technology - See more at:
The taxonomy lists terms that are most important to Information Technology (IT) Organizations, IT...
Climate and Forecast metadata conventions
The conventions for CF (Climate and Forecast) metadata are designed to promote the processing and...