METCE (Modele pour l'Echange de Temps, Climate et Eau)

The Modèle pour l’Échange des Informations sur le Temps, le Climate et l’Éau (METCE) is a Logical Data Model (LDM) that was developed to work within the O&M framework and support WMO domains. METCE provides an information framework that will be useful when applying O&M to the task of modelling WMO codes. It contains three parts.
The first part of METCE is a series of definitions of observation/forecast types (referring explicitly to the optional type sub-element defined in the OGC “Observations and Measurements – XML Implementation”. These types are defined authoritatively by the WMO Registry (
The second part of METCE is a data model for certain meteorological phenomena.
The third part of METCE includes a data model for procedures. This is a concrete implementation of the OM_Process class found in O&M.



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