This portal provides a global map of existing vocabularies for the exchange of data in the field of food and agriculture.

The directory is the continuation of the FAO VEST Registry under the GODAN Action umbrella.
It's the result of the merging of records from two different sources: the
VEST Registry
(a registry of vocabularies of all types and all formats) and the AgroPortal (a repository of RDF ontologies).


Total 396
76 AgroPortal
326 VEST Registry

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Some alignments between vocabularies

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Examples of domain standards

International Standards Organisation
SO 11783 as a whole specifies a serial data network for control and communications on forestry or...
Up to now, records from 6 major floristic datasets have been imported, as well as 7 specialized...
Consiglio per la Ricerca e la Sperimentazione in Agricoltura (CRA), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), agINFRA Consortium
Knowledge Organization System containing all terms used as controlled values in the soil database...
Data on plant varieties (botanical name (Latin name), common name, UPOV code and identification;...

Examples of peripheral / general standards

World Meteorological Organization
CLIMAT is a code for reporting monthly climatological data assembled at land-based meteorological...
USAID Knowledge Services Center
The USAID Thesaurus is a tool for the indexing and retrieval of technical and project document...
Climate and Forecast metadata conventions
The conventions for CF (Climate and Forecast) metadata are designed to promote the processing and...
The Unified Medical Dictionary (UMD) is an English/Arabic Medical Dictionary, which was originally...