The Bath Profile

The Bath Profile is an ISO Internationally Registered Profile (IRP) of the Z39.50 Information Retrieval Protocol, intended as a basis for effective interoperability between library and cross-domain applications. It is widely implemented, and generally seen as the best basis for interoperability between independently built bibliographic Z39.50 clients and servers. SRW (Search/Retrieve Web Service) is a new HTTP-based information retrieval protocol providing broadly the same facilities as Z39.50, but by means of very different technology. CQL (Common Query Language) is a new query language, human-readable and writable but rigorous enough to be used as the protocol-level search syntax for SRW. In order to promote interoperability between bibliographic clients and servers using SRW, it is necessary to provide specifications for expressing the Bath Profile's queries and returning bibliographic records. This is widely seen as a prerequisite for the widespread adoption of SRW in the library community. This document describes version 2.0 of the Bath Profile for SRW, since it corresponds to version 2.0 of the Bath Profile for Z39.50. Its unique identifier is the URI



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